Over the Fence

Hamy Ramezan
fiction, 29 min, 35mm

Tomi (16) and Aino (12) are brother and sister and best friends, united by their love of football. Tomi is a fanatical supporter of Aino’s team and it is important to him that they win the championship.

Marjo, the mother of Tomi and Aino, makes her children’s lives difficult by her constant partying. Tomi is used to his mother’s unpredictable behaviour and only gets worried when he realises that his sister is changing too. Aino is no longer the sweet and harmless little sister who concentrates on football as Tomi is accustomed to see her. 

Tomi finds out that Aino is changing rapidly. He tries to stop her sister but must finally face the fact that you cannot control another person by force.

Tomi must learn to trust himself as well as others. That is the only way he and Aino can move on in their lives.

STARRING:  Jesse Martin, Emilia Laine, Matleena Kuusniemi, Eero Milonoff

Main Crew

director Hamy Ramezan
script Ilmari Aho, Hamy Ramezan
cinematographer Arsen Sarkisiants
costume design Kirsi Gum
make up artist Kata Launonen
editor Joona Louhivuori
sound designer Olli Huhtanen
music Pietari Mikkonen
producer Cilla Werning


Aino (Emilia Laine), Marjo (Matleena Kuusniemi), Tomi (Jesse Martin)
Tomi (Jesse Martin)
Aino (Emilia Laine), other players
Marjo (Matleena Kuusniemi), Tomi (Jesse Martin)



CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival 2010, Canada *Best Live Action Short award*

Curtocircuito, Santiago de Compostela, 2010, Spain *Best Fiction award*

Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2010, int'l competition, France *Mention Ada Salomon*

Int’n Short Film Festival in Drama, Greece, 20-25.9.2010
Second Price,

Calgary International Film Festival, Calgary, Canada 28.9-3.10.2010 *Best Live Action Short Film*

Festival Tous Courts- Aix en Provence, France 29.11.-4.12.2010 *Special Mention of the young jury*

Brussels Short Film Festival, Belgium, 29.4.–9.5.2010

Cannes Short Film Corner, France, 12.-23.5.2010

Festival de Cine de Huesca, Spain, 4.–12.6.2010

The 8th Film Palace Fest – International Short Film Festival, Balchik, Bulgaria, 19.–26.6.2010

Cinema Corto in Bra Festival, Bra, Italy, 24.–27.6.2010

Strasbourg Int'n Film Festival, France 20.-27.8.2010

Film Festival, Prizren, Republic of Kosovo, 31.7.–7.8.2010

Thai Short Film and Video Festival, Bangkok, Thailand, 26.8.-5.9.2010

Int’n Short Film Festival in Drama, Drama, Greece, 20.-25.9.2010

Nordisk Panorama, Bergen, Norway 24.-29.9.2010

Warsaw Film Festival, Warsaw, Poland, 8.-17.10.2010

Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Uppsala, Sweden 25.-31.10.2010

Filmets Badalona Film Festival, Badalona, Spain 5.-13.11.2010

Nordic Film Days Lübeck, Germany, 3.-7.11.2010

Brest European Short Film Festival, France 8.-14.11.2010

Bolzano Short Film Festival, Bolzano, Italy, 11.-13.11.2010

Sequence Short Film Festival, Toulouse, France 12.-28.11.2010

Encounters Film Festival, Bristol, UK 16.-21.11.2010

Queens International Film Festival, USA, 12.-15.11.2009

FIPA, International Festival of Audiovisual Program, France, 26.-31.1.2010

Byron Bay International Film Festival, Australia, 5.-13.3.2010

40th Tampere International Short Film Festival (International Competition), Tampere, Finland, 10.–14.3.2010

The Cape Winelands Film Festival 2010, South Africa, 17.-27.3.2010